Arkansas rehires Mike Anderson!

Fayetteville: In a stunning change of Outlook, Arkansas has rehired Mike Anderson.

Anderson, the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks for the last 8 years, was let go as head coach just a few days ago. The University of Arkansas realized that they had made a mistake and they have re-signed Anderson to a multi-year contract.

Rumors swirled over the weekend about possible head coaches including a member of the 1994 National Championship team, Corliss Williamson . It was all but confirmed that Williamson would become the next head coach. Facebook and other social media sites like hogville were up in arms over the hiring of Williamson. A majority of fans were extremely upset that the University dismissed Anderson as well. Officials with the University admit they made a mistake. “After listening to the fans oh, we knew we had to make it right”, Athletic director Hunter Yurachek said.

Williamson was set to turn his resignation in with the Phoenix Suns on Monday and accept the job. The Uproar from the fans changed the future for him. “Man, fuck them, if the fans don’t want me, I don’t want to be the coach” Williamson was overheard saying to a group of Phoenix Suns players.

An announcement reintroducing Anderson as head coach is scheduled for later this afternoon.