Hot Springs Ad Page to Charge Viewers to View Ads

In a strange twist, a Hot Springs Area advertisement page has now offered its viewers the opportunity to pay a monthly fee to view more ads!

“A stroke of genius”, says one facebook viewer.

A former highway hero who has been looking to become more important in everyone’s eyes, has decided that simply showing more ads than relevant and coherent content on his ‘news’ page just wasn’t enough. The former highway hero has now come up with the idea to charge his viewers an extra fee each month to view more advertising!!

With inflated numbers and misleading headlines, the page has been charging its advertisers more than just about any other social media outlet (kudos to them for raking in the $$) Now, the page is entertaining. So, please don’t think otherwise. It is great to see an aging man struggle to become relevant in the eyes of many. Many of the posts just aren’t coherently delivered, nor do they include relevant information. News is supposed to be facts, not personal conjecture and assumptions from someone that couldn’t cut it as a cop. We’ve all seen this type before.. inflated egos, inflated sense of self importance, acting as though they are superior to everyone else. It will be interesting to see if this new strategy works.. if it does, I will say he is a genius. Paid Subscriptions for minimal coherent content, maximum advertising and personal opinions disguised as news… Our hero may be onto something!! I am jealous that i didn’t come up with it!