Judge Candidate Outed as Drug Lord

Hot Springs – As the election for district judge draws near a close, a huge bombshell was released as early voting begins.

The back story: Tamra Barrett was arrested in Florida when one of her former clients, now pool boy, Michael Young allegedly mailed her several Hydrocodone pills. The pills were allegedly from a prescription written to Barrett by her local Dr. Allegedly, Mr. Young went to Ms Barrett’s home and then drove to Little Rock to mail the pills and included a fake return address on the package. The good ol’ boys in Florida bought the story that was told to them, hook, line and sinker. Therefore, the charges were dismissed.

Fast forward to this past weekend.

An undercover police officer, moonlighting under the drag name of Wendy Bullot (real name withheld for protection), was turning tricks at a local hotel trying to get the scoop on the local prescription drug scene. After a long night of doing who knows what, with who know who, the sleuth was able to find some information from one of his, er, her regular clients. After wiping his face clean, the john, only known as Bubba Cruz, informed “wendy” of the opioid cartel in Hot Springs known as ‘Baretta 69’.

Wendy knew it was time to go to work. By performing many other “duties” that evening, she was able to work her way to the top of the enforcers group employed by Barrett. After threatening to out each one of them, they all agreed to sign an affidavit implicating Barrett as the leader of the group.

Police were in the midst of serving a warrant at the time of this writing. Our Johnny on the spot reporter, Upinya Ashole is on the scene and will bring us more as the story unfolds.

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