Judge Candidate Walks on Water

Hot Springs – There is a battle going on for the right to sit in the seat of judgement in the Hot Springs area. However, this isn’t your regular mudslinging. This race is getting downright crazy.

Allegations of prescription drug abuse, sexual harassment and more have made their way to the forefront of this election.

The candidates: Joe Graham and Tamara Barrett have both been involved with the local court system for several years. Yet, they each handle the vitriol a bit differently.

When questions were raised about a possible Hydrocodone issue with Ms. Barrett, she came forth and explained her side of the story. Albeit, the story doesn’t quite line up with the police report.. but, cops always get it wrong anyway.

When Joe Graham was asked about the issue that had him on the KARK news, passing out penis photos around the office. He claims no one was offended and it was done to relieve some of the stress that goes along with his job.

Mr. Graham, after responding to many questions to local residents with what could only be described as a “holier than thou” facebook thread followed it up in spectacular fashion. Here is his quote when being asked to explain things –

“This campaign is about Character and Integrity. I am the Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Garland County. I have more jury trial experience than most, if not all, of the attorneys in our fair city. The allegations against me have been greatly exaggerated and embellished for political gain. At our office, we deal with horrible things the general public cannot fathom. To say we deal with the darkest side of humanity is an understatement. I am the proud parent of two children. I have had to look at autopsy pictures of babies who were the same age as my children at the time. I have sat through numerous interviews with child victims of sexual offenses. Do we sometimes make jokes to cut the tension? Are they a coping mechanism to get through the day? Yes. No one has ever voiced to me being uncomfortable with me in any way.

Anyone who has read the Sentinel Record for the past 13 years knows my commitment to justice. You can ask any employee of our office, past or present, about me. Each one will tell you the same thing. They will tell you the same thing said on the two evaluations performed by someone on Tamra’s campaign staff. He “works well with all co-workers” and “works well with all support staff.” Now she wants to say something inconsistent with what she filed with the State of Arkansas. These evaluations are evidence, which is what Judges must base their decisions on, not mere unsupported allegations like the allegations that have been rendered against me.

Decide this case based upon Character and Integrity. I urge you not to be distracted by the “red herrings” that the other side wants to throw out there to distract you from the real issues. This office is too important to not be in the best hands. This office deserves my dedication and experience.”

After this post on facebook, Mr. Graham was seen behind a residence on Lake Hamilton and appeared to be walking on water. Here is the account from one eyewitness “he was in his underwear that had penis photos all over them and he was doing it, he was walking across the lake!” Another person, who was passing by in a boat had this to say, “That man must be Jesus. He was just standing there, on top of the water, shaking his booty to my music”

Our Johnny on the spot reporter, Yora Doosh is trying to find video footage from local businesses to verify the accounts. We will have more on this story as things unfold.

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