Mixed Species Exhibit Leads to NEW Animal

Washington DC:

The National Zoo in Washington D.C. has announced the first successful mixed species birth.

Authorities at the zoo had been keeping several different animals in the same exhibit for years and recently noticed breeding activity between a few of them. This is a rare event so zookeepers were interested in the final outcome.

A Zebra at the zoo named Beatrice had been in an exhibit with Water Buffalo, Red Kangaroos and Big Horn Sheep.

“We always knew that Beatrice was a slut” one keeper said, asking to remain anonymous.

“it looks like she likes to have a good time”, said Marty McFlyer, head of the Aviary at the zoo.

Beatrice gave birth to a rather odd looking baby in early June. Since then, the zoo has kept things under wraps in order to feel out the ramifications and possibilities of losing their AZA accreditation.

After hearing that the AZA was in full support of the ‘accidental’ birth, the National Zoo has released a photo and will be holding a press conference on Tuesday of next week to answer any questions. Our very own, Ricky Tikki Tavippi will be at the Zoo to get some questions answered.

We will bring you more on this story as information is available. A photo of the now 8 month old animal is below. 

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