Report: Razorbacks Ate THC Laced Snacks at Halftime

Ft. Collins, CO: A report has come out today that the reason the Arkansas Razorbacks had a second half meltdown was because of the snacks they ate at halftime. Reportedly, the energy boosting goodies the team normally eats to get through the second half of the game were accidentally substituted with items that contained THC, the ingredient in marijuana that gives you the ‘high’. Sources close to the team have said that about 10 minutes into the 3rd quarter many of the players were feeling extremely relaxed and euphoric while just wanting to sit down and rest. Others on the team became extremely hungry and had the giggles. One player, whose name we will not mention, even tried to order a pizza between the third and fourth quarters of the game. 

Our johnny on the spot reporter, ‘The Dude’ is working on more details for this story and will bring us an update as soon as he uncovers more.