Wofford Head Coach to leave for Razorbacks

Fayetteville, AR: The coaching search to find a suitable replacement for Mike Anderson is ending with another Mike. Mike Young. You may know the name. He has built the Wofford basketball program into a perennial NCAA tournament qualifier, something Mike Anderson was not able to do in his 8 years at Arkansas.

Young is known as a phenomenal recruiter and someone that will not tolerate mediocrity. He has recruited big names to Wofford over the years and looks to bring that same fire to the Arkansas program.

Mike Anderson was the Razorback head coach for the last 8 years after a stint at Missouri. Prior to that he was on Hall of Fame coach Nolan Richardson’s staff at the UofA. He was a vital part of the ’40 minutes of hell’ that Richardson ran en route to a national championship at Arkansas. Sadly, even after never having a losing season, Anderson never lived up to expectations and was dismissed last week. Many Arkansas fans were upset and have demanded a suitable replacement.

Based on the track record of Mike Young, there are great things on the horizon for the Razorbacks. Only time will tell though, as Fayetteville is an extremely tough place to recruit and the facilities are little to be desired. The flow of cash from donors has put the University in a financial hardship over the last few years and rebuilding a program that is attractive to donors and fans is high on the list of needs right now.